Fr michael champagne
Rev. Michael Champagne, CJC

Women at the Feet of Jesus

Presented by Rev. Michael Champagne, CJC

Preached Silent Retreat
Wed, Mar 14 2018 - Fri, Mar 16 2018
Actual Cost: $400.00
Minimum Offering: $250.00
In this silent retreat, meditations will be given from the Gospels on women in the life of Jesus, including Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mary and Martha of Bethany, the Woman at the Well, Mary Magdalene and others.

Rev. Michael Champagne was ordained a Catholic priest in 1994 for the Community of Jesus Crucified in Lafayette. In 2006, he earned a doctorate in Sacred Theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas in Rome. Fr. Michael is involved in teaching, giving spiritual direction and ministering in various capacities to the Community of Jesus Christ Crucified and the Diocese of Lafayette.

To register, please contact a Retreat Captain or you may call the Retreat/Hospitality Coordinator, Susan Halligan at (504) 267-9604 or 1-866-937-9170.


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