Matthew linn
Rev. Matthew Linn, SJ

Healing Our Heart and Mind with Jesus' Parables

Presented by Rev. Matthew Linn, SJ

Preached Silent Retreat
Fri, Apr 6 2018 - Sun, Apr 8 2018
Actual Cost: $350.00
Minimum Offering: $225.00
We are healed to the degree we have the mind and heart of Jesus that is revealed perhaps most deeply in his parables like that of the Prodigal Son. This retreat will deal with the dynamics and healing of anger, fear, guilt and shame so they become drives for new life. Each session will end with group prayer or an exercise for healing an emotion. As emotions heal, we discover new gifts for relating to God, others and the world.

Fr. Matthew Linn, SJ has focused on integrating physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. He is a member of the Association of Christian Therapists and has advanced graduate degrees in sociology, anthropology, spirituality and theology. He has given courses and retreats in over 60 countries.

To register, please contact a Retreat Captain or you may call the Retreat/Hospitality Coordinator, Susan Halligan at (504) 267-9604 or 1-866-937-9170.


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