Richard buhler3
Rev. Richard Buhler, SJ

The Risen Christ Comes to Strengthen and Encourage Us

Presented by Rev. Richard Buhler, SJ

Preached Silent Retreat
Fri, May 18 2018 - Sun, May 20 2018
Actual Cost: $350.00
Minimum Offering: $225.00
Fr. Richard Buhler leads us to contemplate and find answers to questions we may have: Where do I need the Risen Savior in my life? How can I bring Jesus’ encouragement to others?

Rev. Richard Buhler is the Rector of the Jesuit Community at Saint Louis University with 25 years of experience preaching retreats in 18 retreat centers: diocesan, Cenacle and Jesuit.

To register, please contact a Retreat Captain or you may call the Retreat/Hospitality Coordinator, Susan Halligan at (504) 267-9604 or 1-866-937-9170.


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  • Tootie St. Romain
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  • Jeanne Billodeaux
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