Sr. Tracey Dugas

Becoming a Woman of Faith - Feminine Truth, Feminine Beauty: Back to the Basics

Presented by Sr. Tracey Dugas

Day of Reflection
Thu, Nov 2 2017 - Thu, Nov 2 2017
Actual Cost: $20.00
Minimum Offering: $20.00
Sr. Tracey helps us to look at our identity from the foundational truth of being daughters of God, created in his image and likeness.  Viewing that identity we realize our true vocation in the world of being women who bear life both physically and spiritually.

Sister Tracey belongs to the congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul who preach the Gospel through all forms of media. Her favorite thing about being consecrated to God is that she’s God’s “audio visual”… called to communicate Jesus and his love and truth to everyone in whichever way she can. She is currently stationed in New Orleans, LA where she and the sisters run the Pauline Book & Media Center–a center of faith and formation where people come to be close to Jesus in the Eucharistic Chapel as well as through books, music and videos.